Chris Radcliff

I’m passionate about space, science, culture, technology, urban design, transit, and ecology. I tend to have more ideas than time, which now results in “shower thoughts” that have a 20-year lineage but have never been written down.

I created Global Spin in the 90s as a repository of ideas, and then a technology company, and when that stalled it became a group blog. (It’s a kind of recycling.) In the post-centralized-social-media era I restarted it as a personal blog. What a concept.

I’ve written articles, papers, presentations, blog posts, and entirely too many social media posts. I once wrote a technology book (Perl for the Web, New Riders 2001), but probably my most prominent writing gig was Geekdad, a Wired blog about sharing our passions with our children. The top of my “you should be writing” pile is currently a site/garden/wiki on urban design patterns we should take to the Moon and Mars, and probably export back to Earth while we’re at it.

I work in software engineering at Blue Origin, leading teams or building software myself as the need arises. I tend to build distributed applications with web frontends and hefty data backends, moving tons of data to do the impossible.

I once started a space unconference called SpaceUp, which brought space-interested folks together to talk about whatever they saw fit. It saw the start of a few companies, a lot of space careers, and at least two confirmed marriages.

Social media has become a mess*, but I can be found and contacted on Mastodon and LinkedIn. If email becomes retro and cool again, you can always try chris at this very website dot com.

* I swear it seemed like a good idea at the time.