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Pratchett recommendations

(My boss asked me for some Terry Pratchett book recommendations today.† It took a bit of research, so I figured I’d share…)

…or “Where to start?”† There are something like 35 Discworld novels spanning almost 25 years, so there’s a bit of variation.† Pratchett also loves his in-jokes and walk-ons, so you’ll definitely get more out of the books once you’re familiar with the milieu.† (You’ll also get more out of them if you know lots of movie, music, and book trivia.† The guy’s encyclopedic with his puns.)

The very first book you’ll want to read is Good Omens, written with Neil Gaiman.† It’s not a Discworld book, but it has the same kind of style so it’s a good indicator of whether you’ll like Pratchett or not.
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