Tall Cottage

The tall cottage is a single-family housing style designed for use in Carfree cities or other urban environments.


Bungalows (interiors)
Stone cottages


Simple to heat and cool
Designed for urban settings
Optimized for carfree settings
Cognitive interiors (workflow, playflow, daily life)
Storm and disaster resistance


Thick walls inside and out
Living kitchen (like a greatroom but cozier and kitchen-focused)
Strong, durable building materials with rich natural insets
In-wall storage (hidden or decorated)
Built-in shelves and window seats (upstairs)
Self-contained (no sprawl)
Natural lighting throughout (windows, light pipes and wells)
Good airflow when opened up


No attached garage
No floor-to-ceiling windows (including sliding doors)
No side windows (but light wells are encouraged)

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