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because I know you want to go

…to Poseidon!

Interior of Poseidon roomExterior of Poseidon room
Yup. I’m torn between “err, it’s kind of resort-y” and “Oh my Gosh,
it’s keen! We each get personal submarines! We can feed fish at our
room window by pushing a button on our control console! Each suite is
independently able to be lifted to the surface in case of emergency!”
Everything is exclamationy.

Because you know you want to.

first images of SpaceShipTwo, inside and out

Gizmodo has posted the first images of SpaceShipTwo, the ship being built by Scaled Composites for Virgin Galactic flights starting next year.  (Ships, rather.  The VSS Enterprise is the first to be named, but a total of five are on order.)  It’ll hold two pilots and six space tourists, with big comfy seats (for soft landings after weightlessness) and sizeable portholes for earth viewing.  From the images released so far, it’s going to be just as beautiful as SpaceShipOne.  Perhaps moreso, because this time I can picture myself inside one…