Yearly Archives: 2006

NASA and Google team up

Apparently NASA and Google have solidified a year-old relationship that uses Google technology to index and deliver NASA content.  From Ars Technica:

In the first of many tasks that will be worked on by the new alliance, Google will work with the ARC to make NASA’s information available on the Internet to anyone who wants to see it.

Sounds like a great partnership to me.  Google Maps Mars?  Hubble Image Search?  Maybe even a searchable archive of communications transcripts like the ones Glen worked on?

you smell better than you think

From The Scotsman:

New research shows people can follow trails across countryside like dogs, using the sense of smell alone. The study, published in Nature magazine, suggests humans are just out of practice at smelling, after people who repeatedly tracked smells across fields became faster and more accurate.

(With one story I got to use a great headline and link to The Scotsman.  It pretty much made my morning.)

More on my dear Great-Grandfather

Ghent, Belgium, is apparently considering naming a street after one of the Filipino Igarot tribe members abandoned by my great-grandfather there, circa 1913. Here’s a recent news story from the Philippines about my mother’s father’s father, Richard Schneidewind, and Timicheg, one of the tribespeople he displayed. Oh, great-grandfather Richard. Sigh.