Monthly Archives: June 2005

Free Rover!

~5 days ago… no post yet?

Now this is science. Next time I sink all four wheels of my car into deep sand in the desert near Blythe (as I have done twice in the past), maybe they’ll have published the amazing driving techniques I can use to drive away without getting out of the car, digging under the car with my hands, jacking up the car, digging to get the wheels uncovered, and putting stuff under the wheels to drive away. OTOH, I’ve done it in about four hours, versus five weeks. (Note: Adam Houston was along for one of these adventures.)

ads in textbooks

“Leela”: Didn’t you have ads in the 20th century?

“Fry”: Well sure, but not in our dreams. Only on TV and radio. And in magazines. And movies. And at ball games and on buses and milk cartons and t-shirts and written on the sky. But “not in dreams”: No siree!

Benjamin Healy

I heard the “most wonderful thing”: on Fafblog today. “Jeff Coleman”: has turned a “great ol’ rambling post”: into a “great ol’ rambling song”: and posted same for the world to hear.