Monthly Archives: May 2004

The Origin of Verses

Sorry. Having trouble coming up with a pun that fits the intersection of Darwinism and poetry. The authors of the site just call it Darwinian Poetry, and write, “The goal of this project is to see if non-negotiated collaboration can evolve interesting poetry using (un)natural selection.”

It’s very interesting!

…but we’re #1 in doctors on T.V.

Looks like the U.S. is second to none… when it comes to “wasteful health care”: I know, it’s not shocking that we pay twice as much as people anywhere else in the world, but it *is* shocking that we get the same or worse care overall. The trend carries through across America, too; cities get the same marginal care whether they’re insured or not, wealthy or not.

A site in motion (new)

This site has moved to a new host. If you’re reading this, you’re on the new site. Welcome!

You may notice some oddness over the next few days as the Internet catches up with our slight change. Please bear with us!

Oh, It Was On the SIXTH Day….

Want your kids to have the fun of learning about dinosaurs without all that misleading, distracting evolutionary theory? Want to throw science out the window in favor of good old fundamentalist belief? Have I got the theme park for you! (It’s NY Times – it didn’t make me sign in, but sometimes NY Times does. Worth reading if you can).