Monthly Archives: September 2003

Organic News

Since we all seem to be consumers, some of us like organics and we generally like to associate, check out the news blog on the Organic Consumers Association website.

I like the article about Whole Foods where a successful competitor says: These independents aren’t entitled to survive; they’re just entitled to compete . . . I think anyone that has a problem with [Whole Foods] is really just whining.

Somewhere on there is also an article about Denmark banning the use of glyphosates (Roundup) as they are contaminating the drinking water, but I can’t find it. Can you?

Discouraging Pedophilia?

Can’t make my mind up about this web site, Perverted Justice. There was an article about it on (but it’s premium, so the link wouldn’t work here), and it’s basically a site where vigilante types go to chatrooms and pose as underage boys and girls. When they’re approached, they try to get as much information about the would-be pedophile that they can, then reveal their identities and post the whole session on this site. They’re not cops, but they hope to discourage this kind of trolling for kids on the internet. I don’t know whether it works – apparently people find would-be pedophiles on this site and harrass them, too. It’s an interesting approach, I suppose.