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RPM Challenge

(A kind of unicorn chaser, yes.) If you liked the idea of writing a novel in a month, what do you think of writing, recording, and editing an entire album in a month? Better yet, how about doing it in the shortest month of the year?

The RPM Challenge is to record 35 minutes of new music in 28 days, 10 songs you can burn to a CD and ship off before the end date. Sounds like a lot of fun if you have the time, which I don’t, but I wish I did. (I’ve had some fun noodling around with GarageBand before.)

See also: February Album Writing Month. (The difference? Beats me.)

JoCo in San Diego!

You may have noticed that little demand sticker on the sidebar here. I’ve been hoping to get Jonathan Coulton to visit our little cultural backwater for a while now, and he’s finally agreed! Details:

Who: Jonathan Coulton
When: Tuesday, 20 February at 8:00 pm
Where: House of Blues San Diego

Details at Eventful, of course. So there you have it. If you’re in San Diego that night and you like… stuff… you absolutely have to be there. I will!

Thing a Week One available

I implore you to rush out and purchase Jonathan Coulton’s latest CD, Thing a Week One.  Specifically I’d recommend getting it in old-fashioned CD form, because it comes with exciting new artwork and liner notes from John Hodgman.  It’s the first of four soon-to-be-released discs compiling all the Thing a Week songs I’ve raved about, and it can’t help but be a collector’s item.   Or something.  Besides, it’s only ten bucks.

skullcrusher mountain

I made this half-pony half-monkey monster to please you
But I get the feeling that you donít like it
Whatís with all the screaming?
You like monkeys, you like ponies
Maybe you donít like monsters so much
Maybe I used too many monkeys
Isnít it enough to know that I ruined a pony making a gift for you?

–Jonathan Coulton, Skullcrusher Mountain