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velvet smog

For those of you in the San Diego area, be sure to check out “Velvet Smog”:, our own Mike Roufa’s jazz trio. They’re playing this Sunday (6/26) and next (7/3) at Hennessey’s Tavern in the Gaslamp. (Details are on the “Global Spin calendar”:

If you can’t make it to one of the gigs, be sure to download a song or two from their Web site and have a listen.

you gotta funk it up

Boing Boing just “reminded me of a song”: I used to love growing up. (John, do you remember this one?) The “lyrics”: are just beautiful. Not only do they contain gems like “I learned to rock like “dolomite”:,” but there’s even a duel between our DJ hero and Superman, apparently moonlighting as a DJ of Steel.

Ah, good times. Has anyone seen Mergatroid?

Ben Folds….Shatner?

I am not kidding. William “Kirk” Shatner is back in the music (?) business in an album with Ben Folds (famous from Karen’s shirt, at least in my world) called Has Been. The link is to a site that has mp3s and reviews, but I actually heard about it on NPR this evening….