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Star Trek: The Exhibition

[from my Geekdad post]

The Exhibition entrance As members of the local Mars Society and NSS chapters, my family was invited to a “friends and family” preview of Star Trek: The Exhibition at the San Diego Air & Space Museum. It’s an exhibit we had intended to see anyway, but seeing it on opening day with a bunch of other fans and space enthusiasts was too good to pass up.

The short summary: It’s a fun exhibit for fans of TOS or TNG, or fans of the Trek universe in general. It’s worth going just for the chance to sit on the Enterprise bridge or stand on the transporter pads. More of my review after the jump, including photos and a short YouTube clip.

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Jonathan Coulton in San Diego tomorrow night

He’s here, so I’m there! Jonathan Coulton will be performing with Paul and Storm on Saturday, May 17th at Lestat’s in Normal Heights. Details (as per usual) are at Eventful.

The show’s at 9pm, and tickets are being sold at the door for an undisclosed sum somewhere around $10. I’ll probably get there around 8:30, or earlier if I find out that Jonathan is sitting at the bar by himself like the last time. (grumble grumble House of Blues grumble.)