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the Global Spin calling card

I recently made a few calling cards for use at the Mars Society convention. I kinda like them, and they come in handy when I want to encourage random people to go to Global Spin:

new and improved(?) calling card

Anyone interested in one of their own? I’d be happy to make up a PDF with your name and address and send you instructions on how to print them.

on keywords and importance

I’ve been looking for a few choice keywords to describe what we talk about here at Global Spin. You know, “science, culture, politics, writing, foolishness” kind of thing. One of the places I checked was Compete, which offered the oddest suggestion yet: “important punctuation.”

So, yeah. I just had to Google it. There on page 2 was an old article on the importance of punctuation. The link was bad and it needed an update, but there it is. Science, culture, politics, writing, foolishness, and punctuation.

site updates ahoy!

I’m hoping to give Global Spin a bit of a refresh over the next [mumble mumble time period], so don’t be alarmed if you see sudden changes or other odd behavior.  For those who are interested in such things, I’ll be:

  • switching to a nicer site theme based on Peaceful Rush
  • upgrading to WordPress 2.2 (with extra goodness)
  • adding contributor pages (like this early example)

…but not necessarily in that order.  I’ll post another update when some or all of it is finished and ready to be praised.