Fever can unlock autism’s grip

Looks like there’s been some progress in figuring out how to reverse the effects of autism, at least temporarily. According to a recent study, some children have shown improvement while they have a fever over 100 degrees:

More than 80 percent of those with fever showed some improvements in behavior during it and 30 percent had dramatic improvements, the researchers said. The change involved things like longer concentration spans, more talking, improved eye contact and better overall relations with adults and other children.

Obviously this doesn’t help in terms of home remedies, but it does indicate that autism isn’t completely irreversible.

One thought on “Fever can unlock autism’s grip

  1. I’ve had direct experience of this with both my boys. Some doctors said ‘oh yes of course, everyone knows that!’ other doctors said ‘you have a wild imagination. Glad that there is finally some real data if no answers [yet]

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