Go Team Wales – Day Three

So the Spit moves. That’s a good thing.

And, see, progress:
Knitting Olympics - Day Three

I seem to be keeping up with my Documented Plan with regards to progress on the Knitting Olympics socks. They have reached the end of the requisite three-and-a-half lace pattern repeats and, though I was skeptical, I measured. The pattern said it should be about 6.75 inches; the sock was about 6.75 inches. Okay, so it was closer to 6.65, but set your logic aside and be here with me: I followed a pattern. It worked. _I got gauge._ For those of you for whom this means nothing, I cannot explain how rare and wonderful an occurrence this is. This is the thing that will keep me indefinitely in the land of Garments That Kinda Fit.

So, I’m an up person tonight. I knit lace. It’s supposed to look all wrinkly and squooshed, and it does. I set my goal for the day and I met it. And, I got gauge. If I had the energy this late in the evening, I’d do the happy dance. Ooo!

Now, I need to figure out how to block these socks, which, being lace, will be needing blocking. Perhaps I should visit the box stash again…

4 thoughts on “Go Team Wales – Day Three

  1. Socks are looking good…well done for getting the gauge. I am knitting a shawl, but the progress is slow, and I am begining to wish I had started something more achievable. Not sure whether to keep going knowing I haven’t a hope of finishing,or start something more realistic.

    Anyway, good luck with the socks…love the lace.

  2. A small yay from me, representing those of us who have no idea what you’re talking about but are happy for you. (No, don’t explain. You lost me at the word “repeats”.)

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