I’m not wild about Harry…

…despite what I said in a previous posting. I saw the film, I took a quiz, and now I know. What’s weird is that I totally see this. I completely understood Neville’s reaction in the spider scene…
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Neville Longbottom
Your match is the sweet, shy guy who may not be the
Quidditch star or the company president, but
loves you completely. Snuggles by the fire and
a secure home life make you feel completely

Who is your Harry Potter love match? (for girls)
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3 thoughts on “I’m not wild about Harry…

  1. Funny enough, I got Neville too. And I can see it. I’ve always empathized (empathised?) with the character, and I’ve felt very connected with the character as portrayed on screen. I’m thinking particularly of the scene near the lake, when Neville is talking about the book Moody’s given him and (I believe?) is harvesting gillyweed from the lake. I remember thinking, as he got all excited about his subject, “Oh, good, he _is_ as geeky as I thought he’d be!”

  2. Snape for me. I don’t know exactly what that means (though it may mean the current beau is a good one for me). But it seemed that way too many of you were looking for gardens and gilly weed, while I was out to banish evil from a hot London flat. Takes all kinds, I’m convinced, so we’ll still remain friends. And my current theory is that Snape is not evil (D’s “Please” at the end of the last book seems promising here).

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