gettin’ hitched, south africa style

Nicely done, South Africa! Their highest court just “ruled that same-sex marriages have the same rights as opposite-sex marriages”: It might get overruled by the legislature, but that’s not considered likely.

4 thoughts on “gettin’ hitched, south africa style

  1. Woo! I wondered who else would post this before I did. Geez, you know it’s bad when South Africa–South Africa, people! Land of diamonds, thinly-veiled-still-apartheid, AIDS-is-not-caused-by-unprotected-sex–South Africa is considering same-sex marriage/civil marriage/legal cootchie coo. I swear, it must be having a queen that does it. Or something.

    kharold is happyxasperated!

  2. Um. I didn’t mean the queen thing the way it sounded. Um, I meant it kind of like Charles-is-a-dweeb-but-his-mum’s-awfully-nifty kind of way.

    Though, if we had a queen, maybe we’d make some progress? If W. could do a Ru Paul there might be hope for the world.

  3. Well, it just increases our “we’ll run away to [insert country]” choices. If you look closely, you’ll even find people there with my last name, so it might be a good option. ;)

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