I recently accepted a position at “EVDB”:http://www.evdb.com/, a start-up which is building an events database. It’s a deceptively simple concept with far-reaching applications and more than its share of challenges; that translates to “lots of interesting work to do” and makes it a good fit for me.

Now, if I could just decide on a “calendar”:http://www.evdb.com/search_handler?keywords=global+spin to include in the sidebar here as a test. Any ideas?

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  1. Let me be the first: Woo hoo! Way to go, Chris! Congratulations. I hope you’re happy, enjoy yourself, and work with nice people. I look forward to hearing all about it!

  2. Yes, you can subscribe to (or download events from) any EVDB calendar by clicking on the ICAL button on the calendar’s page. That’s one of the things that really caught my interest; rather than locking all the information up on the EVDB site, the company is putting together tools that can be used wherever they’re useful, be it iCal or an RSS reader or the local newspaper’s Web site.

    And yes, that means I have a new job. I start on June 13th. :)

  3. We AIMed about this a few days ago, but I congratulate you as well! Enjoy UTC stuff for me…

  4. Oh, wow! I haven’t read your page in awhile (all quarter, in fact), so was just catching up. So you’ll be working in my neighborhood again! Yay!

    You’ll be interested to know that my group did our Contextual Design project (the class Karen TA’d for) on the dysfunctional UCSD Calendar of Events, the bazillion other ones on campus, and the larger question of how to build community, and I was pointed to EVDB as something interesting to watch. I saw that they were just around the corner.

    Though I was disappointed in my group’s results overall, I’ll be picking up the project in the fall for my Sixth College Practicum requirement.

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