I’m feline down today

Stupid Wisconsin. If this passes, I will boycott you. I mean it.

ETA: I guess I’m already boycotting South Dakota and Minnesota. And I get what they’re saying about the birds, but neuter and release is the best solution to that. You know how parents say to kids, “Only take it if you’re going to eat it?” I say that to hunters.

2 thoughts on “I’m feline down today

  1. Neuter-and-release makes much more sense. It keeps up the internal population pressure; animals respond to a die-off by reproducing more, but it’s harder to respond to mass sterilizaion. More importantly, it’s much better if the occasional “misclassified” housepet would be neutered instead of killed.

  2. Stupid Wisconsin indeed! At least the governor seems to have his brain in the right place on this one. Neuter-and-release is the only way to go. It also sends the right message, that the important thing is to neuter the animals, not to just kill them off when they become an annoyance. And Chris is right, neutering them will allow them to live out their lives and then die as they would over time, so as not to suddenly have a shock to the ecosystem. I’m going to pet my kitty now.

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