Monthly Archives: February 2005

earth berms are easy

As I was fixing my Hobbit breakfast (four waffles, cream cheese, banana, and tea), I thought once again about Bag End. Each time I see the Bag End scenes from Fellowship of the Rings, I think, “I want to live there.” Today, I thought, “Has anyone tried to build a house like that?”

The answer, sayeth Google, is yes. And yes. Oh my, yes. Just thought I’d share.

UPDATE: If your budget is more modest, perhaps a Bag End dollhouse would be more manageable.

because everybody needs one

You know, I was looking for that special something for that special someone… something that said, “I was thinking of YOU!” and I found, well, this.

Don’t worry, special someone. You will not be receiving this anytime soon.

Maybe if it was covered with feathers? Or had a head? Or was something else entirely?

You see, I believe that every blog can aspire to some Bad Knitting content.