Go, Speed Racer?

Ah, those quirky robotics fans are at it again.

Does the thought of a giant, driverless Machine of War losing its bearings by driving under a pedestrian bridge scare anyone else? I’m not sure whether to laugh myself silly, hide, or try to build my own…

2 thoughts on “Go, Speed Racer?

  1. Wow, Karen, as a Barstovian yourself (people who study George Bernard Shaw are Shavians, so you must be a Barstovian, yes?) you must be super proud but also kicking yourself for moving to San Diego because you MISSED this! I think they should work on getting the Humvee to brake, though. That would be good.

  2. It’s the beginning of the first Robocop’s loose cannons and the hapless droids of Attack of the Clones. So DARPA spent $13M organizing this and each team supposedly put in around 4-5 times that in development (source: AP article; seems a bit high). Amongst the coverage of this contest I saw a General, I believe it was, in a TV interview who talked about how the military’s biggest outlay was for personnel. He concluded by saying that we must really find a cheaper way to WAGE WAR!

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