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BSG webisode factorial

So, you may or may not know that is hosting a set of ten Battlestar Galactica “webisodes” to lead up to the Season 3 premiere.  They’re being released every Tuesday and Thursday, and at 3-4 minutes apiece they’ll add up to (approximately) a full episode worth by the time they’re all released.  From the quality of the first one, I can guess that they’ll be just as compelling to watch as any episode might be.

So here’s the thing.  I just had a thought about how to watch them in true rabid-fan form: watch all of the released webisodes each time one is released.  That would mean watching the first two tonight, then the first three next Tuesday, and the first four on Thursday… and then watching the whole shebang on Thursday night before the premiere.  Is that insane?

I’ve already thought about re-watching the last few four or five episodes of Season 2 again, and that’s a lot longer than all of those webisodes put together.  Actually, with the factorial counted in, it’s about the same length.  Still, though…  what do you think?

Sailing calm waters

Yes, among many other doings there comes an update to the 20,000 Leagues Under the Covers quilt! (Deana and Glen, there are more photos on my Flickr site.)

Following the little fishie path

The work on this quilt is done in fits and starts, but I think it is really striking when a new stage is finished. Yay! The fishie path is a difficult one, but to those who can keep the faith the reward is quite nice.

the real cost of gasoline

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this study before, but I finally found a source I can cite.  Back in 1998, the International Center for Technology Assessment released a study called “The Real Price of Gasoline.”  It showed that if all the costs of gasoline (including subsidies and externalized costs) were included in the price at the pump, gas would actually cost between $5 and $15 a gallon.  (At the time, gas was $1 a gallon and we weren’t spending $100 billion per year in Iraq and Afghanistan.)  The full report is online (as a PDF), and I strongly recommend it to anyone.


From small things:

Out to Sea

Two small bits of stuff meet, greet, and make something bigger (perhaps better?) than their own small individual selves. Turn a corner, new perspective, trim off the unnecessary, take on new partners, become something larger or sleeker or more useful or stronger or more likely to survive. A 3″x3″ scrap of fabric may be destined for the scrap pile, a bird’s nest, or the trash, but a 3″x3″ piece may join others to become a 14″x24″ piece which joins others, and that is just too big to toss. And too pretty. (Who says beauty isn’t an evolutionary trait?) Warm is nice too…