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interview with Russell T Davies

The Independent has a great interview with Russell T Davies, the executive producer of Doctor Who. He talks about Richard Dawkins, (pan)sexuality on the show, the new companion Donna, and a bunch more:

The Doctor makes millions for the BBC, so perhaps it should listen to Davies’s anger about the time it is now being shown 40 minutes earlier than before, at 6.20pm. “It’s a shame. It’s a terrible slot. We will lose viewers. I am unhappy. We’ll see.” Expect to see it moved back, later in the run.

Other sci-fi writers make a point of praising their hardcore fans, but Davies can be very rude about them (look away now, Whovians). “It’s like having a swarm of fucking mosquitoes buzzing around you. It doesn’t stop you doing your job, but, Christ, they buzz!”

There are a few spoilers, but they’re more intriguing than revealing, certainly not worth avoiding the interview. We watched the first episode of Series 4 over the weekend, and I’m excited to see where it leads.

DeLoreans go back into production?

The appeal of the DeLorean doesn’t seem to have diminished, according to a recent BBC story. On the contrary, the revived DeLorean Motor Company (based in Texas this time) has been doing a swift business in parts, accessories, and in some cases complete refurbishment (new parts on an original chassis).

As it turns out, demand has gotten high enough to warrant building new ones:

Demand for DeLorean cars is so high that it may go back into production, according to a US firm.

Mr Espey added: “There are guys who were in their teens when they first saw the movie, who are now in their late 30s or early 40s, who are at that point in life when they can get the car they wanted when they were a kid.

“We feel quite confident that there is a market for between 20-25 hand-built made to order cars each year, without question. Right now, we have a nine-month waiting list for cars.”

Ah, just in time for 2015 to come around! OK, who’s working on the hoverconversion technology? Mr. Fusion, anyone?

Legacy has arrived!

As you all know, Kerrigan is having her book Legacy published on May 18, 2007. Yesterday, our ten copies arrived and I thought y’all might want to get a first look:

Legacy front
This would be the front cover in the vineyard outside my office at about 6:00 am this morning (isn’t it beautiful?!?).

Binding of Legacy Back cover of Legacy

Here are the side and back views.

Legacy open
Look, you can even open it! It’s so strange to see it on a printed page rather than a computer screen.

Anyway, Legacy will be available soon! If you’d like to see Kerrigan at a book store near you, jump over here and demand it!