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Giving Weight to Childhood Baggage

Families Weight Comments May Harm Girls for Years is the title of the article. This may seem obvious, but I sure wish someone had pointed that out to my parents. You know, diet programs at age eleven are 1) never a very good idea and 2) really hard on one’s self esteem, not to mention waistline. I have heard that kids will self-regulate their eating quite unselfconsciously. Thus, if one presents healthy options — both for eating and excercise — that should be all the “commentary” necessary.

Journalism, San Diego style

I don’t know what makes me angrier about “this Union-Tribune article”:, the topic or the amazingly transparent bias.

_(Note: I just watched “Outfoxed”: today, so I’m in that kind of mood.)_
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…but we’re #1 in doctors on T.V.

Looks like the U.S. is second to none… when it comes to “wasteful health care”: I know, it’s not shocking that we pay twice as much as people anywhere else in the world, but it *is* shocking that we get the same or worse care overall. The trend carries through across America, too; cities get the same marginal care whether they’re insured or not, wealthy or not.