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gettin’ hitched, San Diego style

I haven’t had time to post any of the California marriage awesomeness lately, but I couldn’t pass this Union Tribune article up:

San Diego County issued a record 230 marriage licenses today and performed 144 wedding ceremonies on the first day gay and lesbian couples were allowed to marry in San Diego.

County officials did not break down the license requests or the ceremonies by whether the couples were same-sex or heterosexual, but many gay couples were seen getting married Tuesday by the media on this landmark day.

Congrats to the happy couples! Know anyone who’s getting married thanks to the new ruling?

gettin’ hitched (again) in California

It might just be a temporary victory, but today the California Supreme Court overturned a ban on gay marriage that was voted into law (as Proposition 22) back in 2000.

Domestic partnerships are not a good enough substitute for marriage, the justices ruled 4-3 in an opinion.

The cases were brought by the city of San Francisco, two dozen gay and lesbian couples, Equality California and another gay rights group in March 2004 after the court halted San Francisco’s monthlong same-sex wedding march that took place at Mayor Gavin Newsom’s direction.

“Today the California Supreme Court took a giant leap to ensure that everybody – not just in the state of California, but throughout the country – will have equal treatment under the law,” said City Attorney Dennis Herrera, who argued the case for San Francisco.

Let’s hope so. Even the Governator understands that continuing to fight progress isn’t doing anyone any good:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has twice vetoed legislation that would’ve granted marriage rights to same-sex couples, said in a statement that he respected the court’s decision and “will not support an amendment to the constitution that would overturn this state Supreme Court ruling.”

Indeed. Now, let’s see some weddings!

gettin’ hitched New York style, part II

Looks like New York is still making halting steps forward on same-sex marriage rights:

Gov. Eliot Spitzer proposed legislation on Friday that would make New York the second state in the country to legally sanction same-sex marriage, fulfilling a longtime pledge to supporters of gay rights.

Mr. Spitzer has acknowledged that he does not expect the bill to pass the State Legislature and return to his desk anytime soon. Earlier this week, he said that he would submit the proposal anyway, “because it’s a statement of principle that I believe in, and I want to begin that dynamic.”

See my previous post for more history.

New initiative: No children? Then no marriage

Karen is too tired to post this article from the Seattle P-I:

Proponents of same-sex marriage have introduced an initiative that would put a whole new twist on traditional unions between men and women: It would require heterosexual couples to have children within three years or else have their marriages annulled.

I can’t wait to see what comes of this.  No matter how it goes, they’ve introduced their ideas into the discussion.  Yay, subversion!