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So, the decisions have been made and Deana and Glen’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Covers quilt has been begun in earnest. It’s all been cut up into eensy weensy bits and I’m beginning to put them back together. See?

Slicing and sewing

Fabric was, in fact, harmed in the making of this photo. I admit it.

Don’t you like the way the strips curl up on themselves as they feed through? Like seaweed, curled and waving in the water as your submarine slowly drifts down past it. DIVE! DIVE!

what kind of freak are you?

I’m working on a set of t-shirts for the Global Spin community (plus a secret project I’ll unveil later this month). I have a couple designs mocked up already and a decent place to make and sell them, and I’ve run into a bit of a snag.

There are too many kinds of freaks.

That’s ordinarily not a problem for us. We protect our freaks, no matter what kind. But I’m having trouble thinking of a complete list, let alone designs for them all, so I need your help. Where should I start? What kind of freak are you?

  • Transit Freak
  • Neat Freak
  • Sci-Fi Freak
  • Space Freak
  • Plant Freak
  • Super-Freak
  • Geek Freak
  • just plain Freak
  • other (specify)
  • some kinda freak, i’m not sure what
  • I’m not a freak, freak!

And remember, this is for posterity so be honest. Include as many categories as you think apply. For instance, I’m a Transit Freak, a Sci-Fi Freak, a Space Freak, a Science Freak, and a Geek Freak. Like they say: I’m not just the founder, I’m a client.

So let your freakness shine. What kind of freak are you, anyway?

UPDATE: Just to be clear, I’m looking for your complete list, not just the freakishness that isn’t on the list yet.  Be complete!

Wedding beastie

Deana and Glen are getting married. Did anyone not know that? So in honor of their nearing nupital nuptal wedding, Deana has asked me to make them a quilt. Me! I’m pretty darn honored, I am. And it’s a challenge. Oo, color me intrigued. So I’m going, on occasion, to post random photos and updates so that they can, you know, be with me on the process. Oh, do they get to see full photos? No, they do not.

The rules: Inspired by the works of Jules Verne. Photos have been sent to me to give the feel which interests them. Think From the Earth to the Moon, Journey to the Center of the Earth, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I have found fabrics that I find to be rich and interesting, that remind me of the journey from our iron-rich core to the stars. The names I have given them for reference: deep red, molten brown, Asian flowers, Tron. There are skulls and novae and sharks.

I give you the first photo:

The candidates

These are the candidates. Who gets included? Left behind? Stay tuned… though I’m pretty sure the blond kid and the train will be axed. From the quilt, that is.