my man-crush on JoCo continues

Jonathan CoultonGeekdad ran a great interview with Jonathan Coulton today, at the end of which he summed up the Geekdad (and Global Spin) philosophy perfectly:

Jonathan Coulton: I have the luxury of being able to say this because things have worked out pretty well for me, and I’m very grateful for that, but I really think this is true: the best example you can set for your kids is to do what you love. People who grow up feeling like geeks soon become very practiced at hiding the parts of themselves that don’t fit in with the rest of the people around them, and that’s a terrible shame. I hope my kid loves math (or robots or elves or aliens), and I hope she doesn’t care who knows it.

For our part, we here at Global Spin will continue to protect our freaks, no matter how old they are.

One thought on “my man-crush on JoCo continues

  1. Yay! I say “huzzah!” to all child-freaks-to-be and their protectors. Without you, what fun would there be in building robots? Or knitting them?

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