Eventful featured on 10News

I don’t usually go on about my work, but the company was recently featured on San Diego’s local 10News.  The piece is actually pretty representative, covering both the upcoming-events side of things as well as the demand side of it.  There’s a YouTube video of the segment at the official blog.

In case you wondered where I’ve been hiding (including on my birthday), we’re just finishing up an awesome weekend visiting Deb and Kerrigan in Petaluma.   It’s the Land of Things Ben Likes, including sheep, tractors, a big biodiesel truck, a little hybrid-electric car, and playgrounds up the wazoo.  He even got to ride Deb’s horse Chance, as did K and I.  Fun all around!  Thanks, D and K!

3 thoughts on “Eventful featured on 10News

  1. Chris, were you there when you visited, or were you in NoCal? I was trying to find you, but I wasn’t sure… The report is very cool, by the way.

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