nanowrimo day 8 – the dreaded excerpt

It’s late and I’m tired, but I just wanted to let you know that I posted an excerpt over on my WriMo author page. It’s probably horrid, but I was particularly proud of it just after having written it, which was about five minutes ago.

…and that’s the real problem with the excerpt thing. I’m writing, writing, writing ever onward, never looking back, right? Well, that’s a problem when I want to pick something out to be representative of my work. This is supposed to be the Shitty First Draft That No One Reads ™, so I can’t just pluck something out and hope it’s excerpt-worthy. Neither can I go back and read through it looking for gems, because that would be ever backward, not so much onward. Even if I did find something, I’d be tempted to edit it, another no-no.

So instead, I just grabbed the last few paragraphs I’d written without cringing and uploaded them. Enjoy! (No space monkeys in this section, but maybe tomorrow. I haven’t a clue what the next chapter is about.)

NaNoWriMo Day 8: 14,051 words

One thought on “nanowrimo day 8 – the dreaded excerpt

  1. I liked it. The magnet stuff is intriguing. You inspired me to update MY excerpt. It’s about a horseback ride that goes…mysteriously wrong. And it is based (somewhat) in fact. I’m enjoying taking reality and making it more interesting and scary. I feel like a politician or a newscaster or something….

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