nanowrimo day 26 – the home stretch

I just finished Chapter 12, which means there are only 4 to go, about 6000 words.† I’m on track to finish this just in time, assuming there’s no blatant falling down between now and Thursday night.† I may not blog between now and then, because it’s been hard to think of anything but finishing.† Yesterday I wrote 3500 words just to catch up after a couple of days of slacking, and let me tell you that was some tense writing.

So, here we go.† Wish me luck, and I’ll see you again on December 1st, with my winner’s badge or on it.† (Okay, it’s a horrible metaphor.† I’m getting used to crap writing.)

NaNoWriMo day 26, 43,924 words

4 thoughts on “nanowrimo day 26 – the home stretch

  1. Go Chris Go! Go Chris Go! Okay, so what he doesn’t mention here is that he has spent the weekend fighting a head cold, hosting Thanksgiving, and being Mister Fabuloso Dad. Sorry, I think you’re doing wonderfully.

  2. Chris wrote: “Wish me luck, and Iíll see you again on December 1st, with my winnerís badge or on it.”

    Yes, I wish you good luck and I can’t wait to see you on December 1st with your winner’s badger on it. Or something.

    Anybody think you’ll go past 50k and still be writing? I don’t know if my book will be done, but fortunately per the rules it doesn’t have to be as long as it’s past 50k.

  3. I just don’t see it happening. I’ve got about 3,000 words to go to reach the finish line but while it feels like it is reaching some conclusions it doesn’t feel near-done yet. I’m going to write it until it’s done. Hopefully that’s around November 30th, but we’ll see.

    I updated my excerpt again. In case anyone wants to see what my fruitcake heroine is up to.

  4. I actually do think I’ll finish, probably closer to 51,000 words than anything. I’ve been cutting myself off here and there to stay close to my outline, so the end is actually in sight. Right now our heroes are getting the snot kicked out of them, so they’re just about ready for something decent to happen for a change. Then a very short denouement will be served.

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