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So, you may or may not know that is hosting a set of ten Battlestar Galactica “webisodes” to lead up to the Season 3 premiere.  They’re being released every Tuesday and Thursday, and at 3-4 minutes apiece they’ll add up to (approximately) a full episode worth by the time they’re all released.  From the quality of the first one, I can guess that they’ll be just as compelling to watch as any episode might be.

So here’s the thing.  I just had a thought about how to watch them in true rabid-fan form: watch all of the released webisodes each time one is released.  That would mean watching the first two tonight, then the first three next Tuesday, and the first four on Thursday… and then watching the whole shebang on Thursday night before the premiere.  Is that insane?

I’ve already thought about re-watching the last few four or five episodes of Season 2 again, and that’s a lot longer than all of those webisodes put together.  Actually, with the factorial counted in, it’s about the same length.  Still, though…  what do you think?

6 thoughts on “BSG webisode factorial

  1. I don’t think it’s crazy, but I think the webisodes put together are going to feel choppy. It’s cool to see them, though. I keep wondering if I should be interpreting this all as commentary on Iraq, though, because that’s what I’m doing.

    I’m also hungry for other characters! Who thinks Tigh might be the “dying leader” that was prophesied?

  2. Deb, that’s a good question, and I don’t know if anyone from the BSG crowd has answered it. I’d imagine the answer is “no”, just like one could skip pretty much any other single episode and still get into the next one. Even more so for these, since they’re not being offered to the usual viewers.

    They’re collectively titled “The Resistance” so I can easily imagine them being summed up in a single line in the first episode of Season 3. It would be as easy as having Caprica Six say, “They constantly resist our help, and most of the military is involved.” That kind of thing.

    I also imagine that there will be some way to get them after the fact, like on the Season 3 DVDs.

  3. Maybe Tigh would recover if he had that ugly growth removed. And by “ugly growth,” I’m referring to Ellen Tigh. Rim shot!

  4. Have you noticed that in webisode four the smoking guy’s eyepatch is on his left eye instead of his right? It’s like they reveresed the film or something. . .

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