flight of the grumble bees

When you heard about the latest “foiled terror plot!!1!” was your first reaction disbelief?  Did you think to yourself, “Great.  They’re going to use this as an excuse to ban everything but Skymall from being carried on an airplane.”  I sure did, and apparently, I was not alone.

One thought on “flight of the grumble bees

  1. With a bitter smile I admit that I, too, am glad I am not alone. I’m desperately glad we took our trip abroad in May and not September as once planned. I look back on that day 6 years ago when Bush was elected and I became so scared. How can one (admittedly scary) man incite so much panic, encourage so much damage? It will take decades to bring ourselves out of the pit of panic, pain, and despair that his leadership has dug for us. Such energy that could have been used for positive good completely ignores those places and people who would gladly have us help in humanitarian ways while leading us further and further into a place I do not wish to go. I differ in one way from the tone of the article, however–I am not desensitized, I feel; rather, I am more and more aware, and it tires me and frightens me and keeps me awake at night, because I don’t know if there is anywhere left to run.

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