where in the world was ISS?

My current desktop background is a large, beautiful “photo of the ISS soaring over the Earth”:http://www.nasa.gov/returntoflight/multimedia/fd12_gallery.html, taken by the crew of Discovery. I love the photo, but one aspect of it bugs me: where is it? There are definitely enough landmarks to figure that out (a river, a bay, an atoll off the coast), but the lack of any scale or orientation has made it a real toughie.

Does anyone have an idea where it is? Backing up your claim with a Google Maps URL would be ideal.

2 thoughts on “where in the world was ISS?

  1. Unfortunately, that doesn’t look quite right. The river on the left is a bit different, and most of the coastline on the right doesn’t match.

    I’m not sure this is a challenge anyone will win…

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