sf questions

Did you read science fiction as a child? If so, take a look at this “SF Reading Habits Questionnaire”:http://sfquestions.blogspot.com/. It might be interesting to know who “our people” are…

“The purpose of this questionnaire is to provide material for a book called (provisionally), The Inter-Galactic Playground of Children’s Science Fiction to be published by McFarland Press.”

One thought on “sf questions

  1. I did that Wednesday night! It was kind of fun. Made me realize most of the sci fi I read when I was less than 13 was connected to sci fi movies. Also, I couldn’t think of much sci fi actually written for kids that I read. Mostly adult stuff. Brought back memories… Ah, being 12 in the hospital, post appendectomy, reading the novelization of E.T….

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