Rock and Roll, Baby!

We had a small shake up today as I was sitting in our winemaker’s second story office in Yountville. Yep, we looked up at each other stupidly, mouths ajar — such a useful reaction!!

However, the happy result is that I discovered this awesome website for the USGS! It had the quake posted within minutes of the event. Plus it has maps and all kinds of geeky fun (including a “Did You Feel It?” submit your story page).

4 thoughts on “Rock and Roll, Baby!

  1. You felt a 2.8? Sensitive girl!! I’m having a bit of earthquake envy at the moment.

    The last sizable one I felt was the October 16, 1999 quake in the Mojave Desert. That was a 7.0.

    This site – – gives a chronology of major California earthquakes, which is why I could be so specific about the above date!

    It also has a somewhat creepy background file – what IS that? A seismograph?

  2. Well, I was sitting on TOP of the quake at the time. Plus, the building shook. Made it a little bit obvious. :)

  3. On top of the quake. Sounds like…a restaurant? I don’t know. Exciting anyway.

    And I meant to say seismometer. And I meant to spell it correctly.

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