All-Natural Art

Hey, kids. I came across the work of Andy Goldsworthy in a magazine and decided that you guys would love to see it. He interacts with nature to make beautiful, non-damaging art and the results are really lovely.

2 thoughts on “All-Natural Art

  1. I love this guy’s work. He’s a true genius. We saw a trailer for a documentary about him called “Rivers and Tides”: It looks amazing, especially when you see all the failures he puts up with along the way to producing his delicately amazing scuptures.

    The DVD comes out in September, so hopefully we’ll see it soon after.

  2. Yes, his work is lovely. I’m amazed every time I come across it, because it always surprises me with its inventiveness. My favorite aspect is his ability to see the subtle shading possibilities in the hues of natural materials. I also love the construction of it–I’m hoping that Rivers and Tides has shots of him constructing the pieces. Mmm. Lovely.

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