I’m not particularly interested in Condoleeza Rice’s testimony today, but I love Slate’s analysis of the careful wording she used to make the same action damn Clinton and let Bush off the hook.

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  1. Hmm…

    I’ve known people who act just like the Bush Administration acts. As long as you’re “on the team”, things are good. But eventually, it comes time to cut bait or fish, and if you choose to cut bait, life sucks in so many ways. But at least the air is fresh again.

    I feel for those who have left the “Team Bush-Cheney-Asscroft”, and felt the wrath of it, but that’s politics, I suppose.

    Would John Kerry do any different? Well, probably the only president in recent times who was not a total asp was Jimmy Carter, and look at his legacy as president (compared to his life after the White House). He did not choose to be a political asphole, did not call people out, tried to be an honorable person, and was hung out to dry by his own administration, Iran and Congress.

    Oh well, at least he has had an arguably much more effectual life both for himself, and ironically, for the United States, after the White House than recent past presidents.

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