Parents-for-a-Month Day!

Happy Parents-for-a-Month Day KK and Chris!!

But the big question on everyone’s minds is: has it learned how to be a baby yet?

Happy month birthday Ben! (As of 3:23 pm today!)

3 thoughts on “Parents-for-a-Month Day!

  1. Thank you! “It” is a he, but I’ll forgive the oversight. :)

    He’s still a newborn, and will be for another 2 months. He’ll be a baby once he learns how to process external stimuli a bit better. He’s learning fast, though!

  2. I’m sorry, but Ben doesn’t get a gender until he (er, it) learns how to be a baby. First things first. :)

    There should be some way to say, “this baby is physically male but won’t have a gender until he is able to decide on one” or something like that. Darn it, this language just isn’t set up right. We need another couple of pronouns.

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