Breastfeeding man = risque?

OK, who can explain to me why a poster of a man breastfeeding at work would be controversial? I just can’t see it.

Let’s tick off the elements:
A man in a suit with his chest exposed. If this was a problem, most Guess ads would be banned.
A man holding his child. Can’t even imagine a problem there.
A man with his child on his chest. I’ve seen that in Sears catalogs, for cryin’ out loud.
A baby in a diaper. Um, yeah.
An office. Uh-huh.

I got it. It must be the poster of Lucy Lawless’ legs on the wall.

Seriously, though, the real reason it was pulled was the same reason it was made: it makes people think about the double-standard we still have. If men needed to breastfeed at work, do you think there’d be any problem?

2 thoughts on “Breastfeeding man = risque?

  1. My first thought was that a mouth on a nipple, especially when said nipple isn’t female, would be easy to see as sexual and therefore creepy. But when I saw the poster, it wasn’t sexual at all. Hm. Don’t know.

  2. It’s ideology busting. Shakes up people’s notions of what’s “true and normal.”

    They’re a bunch of sissies for pulling the ad for the very reason it was created.

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