Socratic Salon

The basic idea is to hold a salon using a variation on the Socratic Method. I’d like it to be more like a game than a debate, more free-form and flowing than stuffy. In terms of tone, think Balderdash.

Guests can each be one of three types:

The Prince. The Prince can answer questions. In fact, the Prince must answer any question asked by the Fool, even when the Fool switches hands. The Prince can’t ask questions. The Prince can only give up his/her title if asked to by one of the Rabble.

The Fool. The Fool can ask questions of the Prince. In fact, the Fool must ask questions of the Prince. The Fool can’t make charges, pontificate, speechify, or otherwise make statements. The Fool can’t answer questions. The Fool can only give up his/her title if asked to by one of the Rabble.

The Rabble. This includes everyone who isn’t currently a Fool or a Prince. The Rabble can express emotion (laugh, boo, clap), or otherwise show support or disdain for the Fool or Prince. The Rabble can’t ask questions, answer questions, or add to any argument. In fact, the only two words a Rabble can speak are “Fool?” and “Prince?”, to ask the Fool or Prince to hand over his/her title.

Additional rules:

The Fool cannot be the Prince at the same time.

The Fool or Prince must be allowed to ask or answer at least one question before giving up his/her title. For instance, if a Rabble asks to be the Fool, another Rabble may not immediately ask to be the Fool. He/she must wait until after the Fool asks a question.

The Prince must answer the last question asked by the Fool before giving up his/her title.

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