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Script Frenzy

I can tell you with some certainty that I’m going to write a screenplay in a month this summer.†† A novel was fun to write — and yes, you’ll see a draft of it — but a screenplay?† Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.† I’ve had scripts running around in my head for years and years, so I can’t possibly pass up a chance to let one of them out.† One crazy time-travel romantic comedy, comin’ up!

nanowrimo day 30 – winner!

Whew!† Just under the wire, too.† The final word of the final chapter was written on the final day, and that word was “mage.”† It’s not as breathtaking as “scar,” perhaps, but I’ll take it.

Unfortunately for Patrick, the space monkeys didn’t make another appearance.† Perhaps they can be added in when the book is being edited.

Chris Won NaNoWriMo!


Look at me.† I’ve got that yellow tape across my chest from bursting through the finish line.† My story’s not quite done, but the NaNoWriMo folks don’t care:† I hit 50,000 words and they gave me this keen icon.† Wasn’t that nice?

Now, to finish the story and find a nice dark drawer to put it in for the next year, or maybe ten…

Karen Won NaNoWriMo!