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I can’t believe it took me this long. I just realized that videophones, which I normally consider to be a nice-to-have addition to voice conversation (or chat), are an amazing leap forward for deaf person. In fact, it would probably make sense to offer a video-only version of such things, to save the bandwidth of a useless audio channel.

How many other “nice-to-have” features are we ignoring, instead of enabling uses we didn’t expect?

back in the saddle again

It’s good to be back on “CPAN”: It’s been over a year since “Apache::PSP”: went 1.0, and I haven’t had much chance to come up with publicly-useful Perl modules since then. That’s why it felt really good to post the “EVDB::API”: module for work.

It’s a spiffed-up version of a module Chuck (our CTO) wrote for internal use, but the fact that it’s _out there_ now makes it even cooler. (Well, that and the “API”: it actually uses.) I’m actually starting to get excited in that “hey, someone’s actually going to use this” sort of way.

If you’re interested and have a Perl install laying around, try this:
@perl -MCPAN -e ‘install EVDB::API’@
…and let me know what happens.

technorati hath failed me

…or at least annoyed me today.

I’m new to this “Web 2.0″: thing, but I’ve been getting up to speed over the last few weeks. To do so, I got hooked into Flickr,, and Technorati among others. More on all that later.

I’ve also been “a bit busy at work”:, too, so I wasn’t able to get back to Technorati for a week or two. When I did this morning, I found that (like usual) I’d forgotten the username and password I’d used. The usual suspects didn’t do the trick, so I popped my e-mail address into the Forgot Password link like a good little user and proceeded to Gmail to get enlightened.

That’s when it all started going wrong.
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