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I am so, so sorry. But I found a reference to this on this morning, and when I saw it, I had to share. Think scary, scary Japanese anime cats for consumerist girls. This led me to the truly painful main site, where there are references to Catz, Dogz, and Foxz (sic). This is horrible, yet a part of me is thinking, oh, that is SO Yeti!

My Girlfriend Can Totally Beat Up Your Girlfriend

Not sure why I’m posting a link to the Glarkware site, only that it seems really fun and alternative and snarky and they have tee-shirts that say things like the above and “Seventies Sci-Fi Was All About Hexagons” and stuff.

Plus we haven’t had a “shopping” entry in a while, have we?

BTW, I found it from Television Without Pity which is all about making fun of the current crop of popular shows and is therefore my new addiction.

No Sweat

From my dear old dad:

“Reading the Jim Hightower book I was directed to this site. Check it out. I intend to patronize it. Thought it might be of interest to your college students.”

He also thought it might be of interest to my “liberal friends.” What do you think, guys? Are we into sweat shop alternatives that actually PAY people?

For the Celtic Robot in You

I came across this site accidentally, doing a search on futuristic designs from the 50s. What I found was a CafePress site run by a guy who does artwork in two categories: really pretty Celtic stuff and really neat-o “50s-vision-of-the-future” stuff. I thought it was a fascinating combination, one that really appealed to me, and I figured some of you might be intrigued as well…