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back in the saddle again

So ScriptFrenzy got off to a rocky start. We spent the first few days of June getting prepared for a trip, and another week or so on the trip itself. (With no laptop. And a three-year-old boy. ‘Nuff said.) As a result, the grand total after we got back was still 346 words.

Ah, but that’s to be expected. This is the Accursed Time-Travel Screenplay, after all. The Movie They Didn’t Want You To See! They Said It Couldn’t Be Done! Men Have Gone Mad Making It! If it was easy to write, I would have written it by now, right?

So yeah. I worked on it a bit on the bus, and managed to get past the teaser and into the opening credits. There’s a lot more to go, but it averages out to about 1000 words per day now. That’s nothing compared to NaNoWriMo, so I still think it can be done.

Word count so far: 1,117.

it begins again

We wrote our first few words for Script Frenzy this evening. Yes, it has begun again with the oh-so-simple-sounding EXT.  ALLEYWAY – NIGHT.

Who knows where it will lead, though? Will our hero find a way to save his girl from certain doom? Will our heroine find a way to let this blockhead know that he’s not a 1960s sci-fi action hero? Will our plucky sidekick get enough good lines to make it a worthwhile part?

Only time will tell. Time and about 19,700 more words.

Word count so far: 346.