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crawling, crawling toward victory

Work on the Accursed Screenplay has been slow, but I’m plodding away. (“Plodding” isn’t exacly the word one wants associated with a film script, but whatever.) I’m actually kind of proud of the progress I’ve made so far. Dialogue isn’t my strongest suit, but I’ve been able to discover new things about my characters just by what they’ve said in the first 20 pages. That feels pretty good, whether I end up finishing on time or not. Which I will, assuming I can write 1500 words a day from now on.

Word count so far: 4,019.

back in the saddle again

So ScriptFrenzy got off to a rocky start. We spent the first few days of June getting prepared for a trip, and another week or so on the trip itself. (With no laptop. And a three-year-old boy. ‘Nuff said.) As a result, the grand total after we got back was still 346 words.

Ah, but that’s to be expected. This is the Accursed Time-Travel Screenplay, after all. The Movie They Didn’t Want You To See! They Said It Couldn’t Be Done! Men Have Gone Mad Making It! If it was easy to write, I would have written it by now, right?

So yeah. I worked on it a bit on the bus, and managed to get past the teaser and into the opening credits. There’s a lot more to go, but it averages out to about 1000 words per day now. That’s nothing compared to NaNoWriMo, so I still think it can be done.

Word count so far: 1,117.

it begins again

We wrote our first few words for Script Frenzy this evening. Yes, it has begun again with the oh-so-simple-sounding EXT.  ALLEYWAY – NIGHT.

Who knows where it will lead, though? Will our hero find a way to save his girl from certain doom? Will our heroine find a way to let this blockhead know that he’s not a 1960s sci-fi action hero? Will our plucky sidekick get enough good lines to make it a worthwhile part?

Only time will tell. Time and about 19,700 more words.

Word count so far: 346.