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BarCamp San Diego 2 this weekend

OK, this time I’m the one who’s out of the loop. :) This weekend (Nov 10-11), San Diego revisits its very own BarCamp, and it’s shaping up to be even better than the last. (Better except in one regard: I can’t attend this time around.)

Topics so far include Rails, Twitter, college, marketing 2.0, online storytelling, and blackjack. There’s even a Wii Bowling Tournament planned, so be sure to stop by. You won’t be disappointed.

BarCamp San Diego this weekend

I’ve been negligent in my event-reporting duties. This weekend (June 2-3) San Diego gets its very own BarCamp, and I’ll be there along with lots of awesome people. Topics so far include programming, photography, yoga, knitting, metal fabrication, and monkeys.  (Yes, the last one is mine.)

If you’re in the San Diego area and have a bit of spare time this weekend, stop on by! You’re guaranteed to have a great time.

The Eventful Politics Project

I don’t usually blog about my work, not because it’s boring but because it tends to strike me as advertising. I guess I assume that you couldn’t possibly be as excited about the things I do as I am. (Don’t tell me if I’m right about that.)

Today, however, I saw something on Eventful that I just have to share: The Eventful Politics Project, started by Jed Sundwall and Alex Hunsucker. In their own words:

…while conservative bloggers blog for conservative readers and liberal bloggers blog for liberal readers, we hope that technology can serve to remind us that, as Thomas Jefferson said in his inaugural speech, “We are all Democrats, we are all Republicans!” There are millions of passionate voters in this country, voters with myriad concerns and needs that don’t necessarily fit in with either of the major party platforms.

We’re building a database of all event information in the world (yes, all). This means we’re sucking up info on conventions, town hall meetings, rallies, protests, meetups, house parties, etc. We’re doing this because we think the internet can—and should—make smaller events more discoverable. It’s a pursuit that parallels transparency. That is, we believe that there are tens of thousands of wholly public events that are essentially hidden from the public simply because there’s no simple place to find them…

The blog is worth a read, but the really impressive part is the site they’ve put together to answer the need. (I’d love to say “the site I put together,” but aside from the base technology I wasn’t involved.) With a few clicks you can discover that house party down the street you didn’t know was happening, demand that the politicians come to earn your vote, or invite the world to come to your Lefty Libertarians for Literacy meeting.

The proof, for me at least, was that on my very first view of the page I discovered three different things I’d like to be doing, none of which I would have known about otherwise. Hopefully you’ll find something similar.

Jed and Alex are hoping to make a mark on the 2008 election. They have quite a long road ahead of them, but the first steps are really exciting.