Monthly Archives: September 2004

Birth of a Blog

Hey, Everybody!

Chris encouraged me to set up a blog and I kind of went, “Hum.” Then I get the Anthropology News yesterday, and they’re encouraging anthropologists to set up blogs, just to put our voices out there. And I thought, “Oh.” But since they had a link to a free site I decided to check it out, and gave in and Ethnograblog was created. And there was much rejoicing (or something).

My motto is: Expect Lameness! (I do enjoy saying “Ethnograblog” though.)

I love Jon Stewart

You didn’t think I forgot about our political pickle, did you? Here’s The Daily Show’s take on the overarching message of the RNC: “["Words Speak Louder Than Facts":].”

New hope for nuclear?

They may be on our dirty words list, but recent articles on “fission”: and “cold fusion”: might signal a new age for nuclear power. Most interesting to me is the idea of a “pebble bed reactor”: or “cold fusion bottle”: providing megawatts of power to Mars missions and other weight-conscious applications without having to compromise on environmental security.

Having been burned by the original hype about both “Our Bold Atomic Future”: and cold fusion, I’ll admit I’m skeptical. It’s now the responsibility of nuclear proponents to show that these technologies are safer and more effective than “existing”: “alternative”: “energy”: “sources”: Good luck to them.

Educational Videos for Animals?

Some of you know of my interest in Susan McCarthy’s, Becoming a Tiger: How Baby Animals Larn to Live in the Wild (that link is to a great blog entry about one of her book signings in San Diego). McCarthy worries that humans will never be able to teach captive-raised animals natural behaviors. Well, according to the BBC, San Diego native Hua Mei got pregnant and gave birth to twins after watching panda sex on-screen. I wonder if animals can actually learn things this way?