falcon 1 launches this friday

SpaceX announced that Falcon 1, the first privately-developed liquid-fueled rocket designed to reach orbit, will launch this Friday. If successful, it will mean a new era of safe, low-cost access to space; Falcon has both the lowest cost ($7 million) and highest reliability rating of any American launch vehicle. Go Falcon!

UPDATE: The November 26 launch was scrubbed due to technical problems. The next launch attempt is scheduled for December 17th.

4 thoughts on “falcon 1 launches this friday

  1. You guys need to pick a better horse.

    Even as the ultimate underdog supporter, I can’t get behind this guy. He is just way to arrogant for someone who hasn’t flown anything yet. To sue the Air Force for EELV flights in the 50,000 lb category when he can’t get 1000 lbs off the ground is just ignorant. If the guy had show the slightest amount of respect for those in the industry which had learned the necessary lessons for the last 50 years, he might have avoided many of his current problems.

    I hope for his success, but he could have already done it better & faster with a little less arrogance.

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